AC米蘭鋒線新援: 轉會米蘭為重返意大利國家隊

據Football Italia的報導,AC米蘭今夏從新特蘭租借簽下波連尼。波連尼表示,他轉會米蘭的動機是希望能尋找機會重返意大利國家隊。

近來波連尼接受了Radio105的專訪,談到加盟AC時,他表示: "來到羅辛拿路我感覺非常好, 我正在讓自己適應一支多國籍的球隊。"



"有些球員很年輕,所以我要扮演好雙重角色, 但這很好。 "

"在米蘭内洛的練習賽? 有時候你實在需要拼盡全力,這要看比賽的重要性。有時輸掉的一方需要加練跑,這樣的比賽會更加有競爭性。 "

"當球隊越來越接近周日的比賽時, 訓練會變得更加嚴肅。 "

"壓力? 我會輕鬆的處理它,做一些我平時會做的事。 我不看報紙而且過著正常的生活,當我回到家中,我可以讓自己完全脫離。 "

引用“I’m feeling very good in Rossonero, I’m adjusting to a group with several nationalities,” the former Sunderland striker told Radio 105.
“I felt I needed to go back to Serie A, also for my international chances. It’s much more complicated when you play abroad.

“There’s an incredible enthusiasm, it’s happy to see San Siro full. I’ve been a bit of a translator as I speak good English.

“Some of them are very young so I have to play a double role here, but that’s fine.

“The matches at Milanello? Sometimes you play to the death, it depends on what’s at stake. If we lose, we have to run more so the games in training become much more competitive.

“It’s also normal that training becomes more serious when you’re getting close to a game on Sunday.

“Pressure? I handle it easily, doing the things I usually do. I don’t read newspapers and live a normal life. When I get home, I’m able to unplug myself completely.”

(source: Football Italia: Borini eyes Italy recall)


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